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Multimedia museum in a medieval castle

Ladin museum in San Martino in Badia

In the very heart of the Dolomites live more than 30,000 Dolomite Ladins whose identity is mainly characterized by two important features: the uniqueness of their language, which derives from popular Latin, and the extraordinary mountain landscape at the heart of the southern Alps. For the Dolomite Ladins and their culture as well as for those who are interested in their culture, history, society and language, this museum was established. It informs about the history, the present and the future of an ethnical group, which has been able to preserve their culture and minority language for two millennia. 

The museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor, called "Ladinoskop" is a window or a telescope where you can observe the Dolomites. The aim of the museum is to give visitors the feeling that they also want to get to know the other municipalities of the five Dolomite Ladin valleys, their museums, monuments and landscapes. Based on the visual and spiritual experiences visitors should get the desire to find out more about the language and the culture of the inhabitants.

Driving time Braies - San Martino in Badia: approx. 40 minutes.

Phone: (+39) 0474 524 020

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