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A walk through the centuries in Teodone near Brunico

South tyrolean folklore museum

The open air Folklore Museum is located in the sunny Teodone near Brunico. On an area of four hectares it shows the environment of the everyday life of the rural population of the past. The colorful baroque "Mair am Hof" residence serves as an exhibition room for the diverse ethnological collections of items relating to popular piety and folk art. It recounts how the landed gentry lived and resided.

The open-air site shows the world of the rural economy and way of life of that time - particularly here the visitors of the museum can get a feeling of how peasant families, craftsmen, smallholders and day laborers lived, worked and mastered their everyday life. In the carefully maintained and well equipped farmhouses wood creaks under your feet, mill wheels clatter, water splashes, it scents out of the cottage gardens and animals graze on meadows. On special show days the ovens are fired up, the mill grinds grain, and the freshly baked bread tastes delicious!

Driving time Braies - Teodone: approx. 30 minutes.

Phone: (+39) 0474 552 087

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