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A fascinating South Tyrolean castle from a former dynasty

Tures Castle in Campo Tures

Tures Castle should certainly be on every person’s agenda who is interested in castles. Moreover, it is a destination for hikers and friends of nature as well as for people who are interested in art and who are curious about the noble living culture. And it has even more to offer: There was a powerful dynasty in the 13th until the 14th century that also gave the name to the castle. Several families and feudal lords became owners of the castle throughout its history. They determined its fate and particularly fostered the expansion of the castle with extensive fortifications and nicely paneled living rooms. In 1977 the facilities got acquired by the South Tyrolean castle institute. The aim of this voluntarily led association, which acts on behalf of the private monument conservation, is to preserve the castle’s facilities. Today castle Tures counts as one of the best equipped and best preserved castles in Tyrol. 

Particularly worth seeing are the library with its tiled stove, the state rooms, the so-called ghost room and the castle chapel with its frescoes. Also remarkable are the courtroom, the dungeon, the armory and a collection of children portraits from the 16th century.

Driving time Braies - Tures Castle: approx. 80 minutes.

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