Active holidays

Active holiday in the Three Peaks area of South Tyrol

Travelling through
the Dolomite natural heritage

  • … a mountain lover and cannot resist its call. On the look for the "happiness at the mountain top", breath-taking landscapes and nature. Preferably Uncontaminated.
  • … a family, ready for an active and adventurous holiday in South Tyrol, full of playful times, fun and happy days. You like to cross fields, going up and down mountains, spending time between swings, slides, and trees to climb. And the sparkly eyes of your children make yours sparkle too.
  • … travelling, at full speed: Riding the bike is your passion, you like winding mountain roads and narrow bends, panoramic routes and the fun of driving excite you immensely.
  • … travelling on two wheels, jumping on the saddle of your bike, downhill at full speed, or even just pedalling through easy roads in full tranquillity.
  • … a climbing acrobat and a rope walker, not fazed by heights, and who feels most free when all strapped up climbing a rocky wall. A holiday in the region of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo is just right for you.

Can you identify yourself in our descriptions?
If not, it doesn't matter. There is absolutely no doubt that during your active holiday in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Sesto and Braies Dolomites, in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies and Three Peaks natural park, you will discover what excites you the most ...

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Up above:
The mountains, for a hiking experience in the Dolomite region of the Three Peaks

Using the ski-lifts, during your active holidays in South Tyrol you will be able to easily reach the five mountains that are popular with all hiking enthusiasts: Mount Elmo, Orto del Toro, Croda Rossa, Baranci and Mount Comelico (Col d’la Tenda). Fun and adventure for all! Enjoy the "Olperl nature park" new circular route for the whole family, the two modern single trails for Enduro enthusiasts, sunset hiking on Mount Elmo, the practical "3 Peaks Mountain Card" valid for several days, and much more.

Mount Baranci

Mount Baranci – The family mountain

Luxurious flowery and grass meadows become a wonderful playground for adults and children alike. Here, many attractions await visitors: The "Zwergenparcours" adventure park, the lakes to enjoy barefoot, a Tubing track and the summer sledge "Fun Bob" track - the ideal family destination!


Orto del toro - The alm mountain

A breath-taking view is what normally awaits at the end of the journey, but on the Orto del Toro mountain you will soon be greeted with a wonderful view of the Meridiana of Sesto and the Three Peaks. The ideal starting point for many hiking and cycling excursions on the Sesto Alps and through the Upper Carnica Way.

Orto del toro 
Mount Elmo

Mount Elmo - The panoramic mountain

Mount Elmo is particularly appreciated by sun lovers, and all those who are partial to wonderful sunrises and sunsets. A never-ending view like nowhere else in the area. Also, deserving of a visit: Olperl Nature Park, the children's Alm and the many walk and hiking paths.


Croda Rossa - Living the Dolomites

Croda Rossa brings the Dolomites at your fingertips: Having been a battle field during World War I, here you can immerse yourself in history, enjoy the most important climbing routes of the Alps, and visit the smallest and only reindeer herd of the Alpine region.

Croda Rossa 

Comelico – The active mountain

The Dolomites of Val Comelico, near Belluno, are the meeting point of active sporting enthusiasts: Here you can enjoy an excellent range of wonderful hiking itineraries and two individual trails that will really test you. All the sport that you can take guaranteed!





Edelweiss Summer Special 7=6


19.06. - 30.06.2020
20.09. - 01.11.2020
7 nights with arrival Saturday or Sunday

from € 414,00
per person with the gourmet half board included

Midweek-Summer-Holiday 4=3


19.06. - 30.06.2020
20.09. - 01.11.2020
4 nights with arrival Sunday or Monday

from € 207,00
per person inclusive the gourmet half board

Midweek-Holiday 4=3


27.11. - 03.12.2020 | 09.12. - 25.12.2020 | 10.01. - 16.01.2021

07.03. - 27.03.2021
4 nights with arrival Sunday or Monday

from € 210,-
per person and 4 nights inclusive gourmet half board


Edelweiß Special 7=6


27.11. - 03.12.2020 | 09.12. - 25.12.2020 | 10.01. - 16.01.2021 |

07.03. - 27.03.2021
7 nights with arrival Saturday or Sunday

from € 420,00
per person and 7 nights inclusive gourmet half board