Climbing the ice of the Dolomites again and again

Adrenaline & Vertigo

Below you: frightening heights. Above you: wild rocks, cliffs, stone and ice.
In front of you: a rope adventure. And in the middle? You: mountain acrobats, rock climbing lovers and rope walkers.
Rock climbing lovers prefer to spend their days with the rope at the ready. And whether in a gym or out in the fresh air, they will be extremely happy here!

Whether an indoor climbing gym, or an outdoor rock climbing centre, you will certainly find the best for you in the Braies valley region of the Dolomites.

Climbing in Alta PusteriaGroup climbing and hiking expeditions

Do you want a special tour? The Globo Alpine guide office will help you through the most demanding journeys. In addition to group climbing and hiking expeditions, they are also available for individual tours. With the help of the Puster Valley Alpine School, you can enjoy adventurous journeys at the discovery of steep valleys and inaccessible gorges ...

P.S.: for those who are not put off by the cold season and want to have a go at climbing the Dolomite ice, we recommend the Lake Braies ice climbing centre (snow conditions permitting).




Indoor climbing in the rock climbing gyms

Rock climbing gym & boulder room in Sesto

16 m high, 1,800 m² climbing surface with glass wall; beginner, expert and professional tracks, 400 m² of boulder surface = 100% emotion, adventure and fun!

Information: Shoe, harness and rope hire; sale of hooks and magnesite bags.

Brunico climbing centre

17 m high, 2.500 m² climbing surface with glass wall (1.370 m² indoor, 450 m² outdoor, 680 m² boulder); beginner, expert and professional tracks = 100% emotion, adventure and fun!

Information: Shoe, harness and rope hire; safety devices with hooks available.


Dolomite outdoor climbing

Rock climbing centre in Ponticello

Recommended for: Families, and all those who want to experience climbing for the first time.

Position & access: 1,500 metres, right of the turn for Prato Piazza.

Type & Difficulty level: 25 x 1 rope length tracks with difficulty levels 3 to 7c; mostly on vertical or slightly overhanging walls, with ridges and holes.

Vallandro rock climbing centre

Recommended for: Expert climbers.

Position & access: From Prato Piazza, follow Alta Via no. 3 for approximately 20 minutes. Then follow the up tracks. The walls will be on the right after about 10 minutes.

Type & Difficulty level: 35 tracks with ropes of several lengths with difficulty levels 3b to 7a; wonderful scenery, climbing on porous rough rock, not always reliable.

Kirchler rock climbing centre

Recommended for: Professional and experienced alpine climbers.

Position & access: From the third bend of the road to Prato Piazza, on the left bank of the debris flow channel, walk up following Alta Via no. 3 until you reach the so called "Kirchlerscharte (Kirchler Fork)”, then continue to the first tracks of the rock climbing centre.

Type & Difficulty level: 35 tracks with ropes of several lengths with difficulty levels 6a to 7c; climbing on compact lime.

Lake Braies rock climbing centre

Recommended for: Families, beginners, experts, professionals.

Position & access: Leave the car in one of the Lake Braies car parks; follow the left bank of the lake. After approximately 1/4 of the way around the lake, follow the directions through the gravel path, up to the wall.

Type & Difficulty level: 15 tracks with difficulty levels 2 to 7b; the bottom wall is not very steep and the rock offers good hold. The actual climb starts from the top section of the wall, becoming very steep and sometimes even overhanging.






Autumn-Days in the Dolomites

The Magical Autumn Season

from 10.09. until 01.11.2017
3, 4 or 7 days

from € 57,-
per person and day