Fishing in Puster Valley

Fishing holiday in South Tyrol

Enjoy your fishing!

In the Upper Puster Valley, both fishing professional and enthusiasts will find a true paradise.
You will have many fishing opportunities nearby: Lake Brakes, Lake Dobbiaco, Lake Misurina and the Rienza river.

We wish you: A wonderful fishing experience and fishing holiday in South Tyrol.



NO KILL fly fishing is possible in the following waters, where only fly, reel, or line rod fishing is permitted:


Rio Casies in Val Casies

Overall length 14 km; the No Kill section is 8 km long. However, with a daily permit No Kill is allowed everywhere.

Brown trout, brook trout, grayling.

Price: € 25.00

Aurino stream near Predoi/Casere

The Aurino stream is 13 km long, with a 4 km No Kill section. However, with a daily permit No Kill is allowed everywhere.

Brown trout, brook trout.

Price: € 25.00

Rienza, Puster Valley near San Sigismondo

This 1.5 km section is populated by very large fish specimen.

Grayling, salmon trout, brown trout, rainbow trout.

Price: € 30.00

Lake Neves (1,850 m)

1.7 km long and 700 m wide; also in this case, one third of the lake is fly fishing only. The water is full of large salmonids.

Large numbers of grayling, marble trout, alpine trout, brown trout and rainbow trout.

Price: € 30.00





Weekend-Special "Christmas markets"

01.12. - 24.12.2017
2, 3 or 4 nights

price departure from € 59,50
per person and night

Family Christmas - 4 nights

from 23.12. until 27.17.2017
5 days - 4 nights

price departure from € 599,-

at family

Family Christmas - 7 nights

from 20.12. until 27.17.2017
8 days - 7 nights

price departure from € 899,-

at family

White weeks

White weeks

16.12. – 25.12.17 / 07.01. – 03.02.18 / 17.02. – 24.03.18
5 or 8 days

from € 195,-
per person and night