The most popular destinations - Three Peaks

The most popular destinations in the Dolomites in summer

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When you find yourself among unforgettable highlights, nestling in and surrounded by nature, moments become special experiences. You really shouldn’t miss the Pragser Wildsee lake, the beauty of the Plätzwiese and all the popular destinations in the region, such as the Three Peaks and Lake Antholz – these highlights really are unbelievably beautiful, we promise!

Pragser WildseeZeit mit der Familie

Alpe Pragas

Alpe Pragas

Anyone who visits this amazing fruit production facility will be inspired and delighted: the careful creation of natural fruit products in a modern but idyllic atmosphere is well worth seeing under any circumstances. Luckily, you are staying with us, so every morning you have a choice from a wide variety of jams and fruit spreads from Alpe Pragas.

Kneipping in Taisten & Niederdorf

Kneipping in Taisten & Niederdorf

In South Tyrol people have always understood the importance of balance and vitality. So it’s no surprise that there is an extensive spa park in Niederdorf - with special features and little adventures in keeping with the philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. You’ll feel as though you have been reborn!

In Taisten too you can experience a beautifully designed barefoot trail for both young and old that runs straight through the forest.

Three Peaks

Three Peaks

The UNESCO world natural heritage site of the Dolomites, with its inimitable landscape, unique summits and breathtaking nature, is one of the most popular spectacles in the world. You’ll gather wonderful moments here and return home with a full heart.

Gsies Valley

The valley of alpine pastures and rustic farmsteads: the Gsies Valley

Fir and spruce forests, a wonderful, rustic valley and richly coloured meadows of flowers – you can find all this in Gsies. The farmsteads and alpine chalets in Gsies are especially impressive too.

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