Tried and tested recipes

In our hotel, there are many places where you can dine in peace and quiet or in the best company. Each place has its own atmosphere, and it is up to you where you sit. We serve classic South Tyrolean products such as the “Speckbrettl” (bacon on a wooden platter with bread), and also create new recipes and a rich variety of dishes, be they vegetarian or finely filleted beef steaks or game. No table at the Edel.Weiss would be complete without a fine drop of wine from one of the many renowned local wineries. Small children can easily join in from the high-chairs that we provide and enjoy a dish from the children’s menu. Another highlight is our picnic baskets filled with regional and local delicacies that you can take out with you on an excursion.


Prepared with love

From the moment you wake up we’ll treat you to delicious local produce. The honey for your tea and breakfast is collected in accordance with ancient traditions and our local specialty breads smell simply irresistible. Our chefs are passionate about their work, and wherever possible use sustainable produce from the area surrounding the hotel. Animal welfare plays a big part, as do low food miles. Only the hotplate is warmer than our hearts!


Refined creativity

Do you want to know where the strength of South Tyrol’s farmers comes from? Then let the tasty secrets literally melt in your mouth! The blend of traditional recipes and individual cooking skills ensures variety and novel creations. You can taste these things wherever you want, such as on the sunny terrace, in the light and airy dining room or in the romantic lounges.


Chocolatey, fruity sweetness – exquisite!

Do you want to surprise your beloved with a really special treat?

Don’t read out loud right now, or you’ll give the game away! We would love to bring flowers, pralines and a bottle of sparkling wine to your door. And even sweeter still: a chocolate fondue into which you can dip a range of deliciously juicy fruits.

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