Ready, set, go!

Tobogganing is a sport that all children love. It's also simple, environmentally friendly and really great fun. What’s more, there’s nothing to stop adults enjoying it too! We’ve listed some of the best toboggan runs in our area. And don’t forget! You can also toboggan here in summer on the Fun Bob, the longest summer toboggan run in Italy!

Haunold toboggan run

This track is especially family-friendly. It is 3 km long and starts at the Haunold Hut refuge. It is very safe to use and family-friendly. It also includes steeper stretches and some curves and humps. You can speed down it several times a day, because the cable car will bring you back to the top again in just 10 minutes! You can also toboggan here at night in the moonlight.

Rotwand toboggan run

The start of this toboggan is directly beneath the Rotwand/Croda Rossa in Sexten/Sesto, a very impressive mountain in the Dolomites. The track is guaranteed to have snow on it and winds downhill under snow-covered trees. The ascent takes just 6 min by cable car and there are wonderful reindeer at the top. This track can be a real challenge in places, so make sure you don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Innerfeld toboggan run

This back-to-nature toboggan run is 4 km long and covers a difference in altitude from top to bottom of 300m. The walk to the start takes around an hour and can easily be managed by children. There is a refuge at the start called the Dreischuster Hut, where you can buy food and rent toboggans. There are alternating faster and slower sections. Please watch out for pedestrians on their way up the hill as you descend.


The kids will love it here!

Our hotel is surrounded by meadows. In winter, children can build snowmen and igloos for as long as they want. This can be great fun, especially when thick flakes are falling from the sky. Let the children surprise you by building their own kingdoms in the snow.

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