"Edel.Weiss" – literally, seriously, fully

We act in accordance with our beliefs and in keeping with the spirit of the hotel’s name. We do what we say we will. That is the secret of our happiness and our hospitality. In our hotel, guests have the chance to meet the locals who have interesting tales and wise words for them. If you spend your vacation with us, not only will you have a wonderful time, but you’ll also be left with impressions and memories that will stay with you for a long time. It may be our secret, but we have no intention of keeping it all to ourselves: a holiday with us will last well beyond the time you spend here. The hotel lives up to its name, because in German, “edel” means fine, or gentle, while the word “weis(s)” refers to the color white as well as to wisdom, just like the majestic Dolomites and the edelweiss that grow in their rocky crevices.

If you listen to your heart, happiness will follow.

We are grateful to have been gifted such a beautiful spot to call our home. This happiness gives us wings every day anew and is truly contagious. We believe that where nature weaves its magic, warmth and sincerity rule. And this gives our traditional establishment that extra atmospheric touch.

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