Our Edel.Weiss is a rare bloom,
flourishing in the heart of the Dolomites

Our family-run hotel is managed with a lot of love for detail and is rich in tradition. It nestles at the heart of the Dolomites and offers wonderful views of their lofty summits. In our immediate vicinity is the well-known Pragser Wildsee lake and numerous leisure activities to be enjoyed in unspoiled natural surroundings. The lush meadows and deep green woods that surround us fill us with joy. The mighty mountains with their rocky crags give us shelter and security. We are grateful to live in such a wonderful place and want to pass on our happiness to our guests.

“Our aim is that our guests leave our hotel happier than when they arrived.”
Heidi and Günther


The heart and soul of the establishment

Like the Pragser Wildsee lake, Heidi’s soul reflects the beauty of Prags and the Dolomites and carries this magnificent piece of nature through into the hotel. Furniture makes a place comfortable, but only the warmth of Heidi’s heart makes it somewhere where people genuinely enjoy staying. She lets light into people’s hearts like windows let light into a building.


A truly dedicated landlord

Just like that of his wife, Günther's spirit is also shaped by his magnificent surroundings. He knows the area as well as he knows his own home, and loves to roam the forest early on a morning. It helps keep him fit and get ready for the day ahead. He helped out in the establishment as a child and today is a passionate hotelier. One highlight on offer is to join Günther when he goes hunting!


The warmth is passed on

Florian, Günther and Heidi’s son, also works at the hotel. He has excellent cooking skills and a great passion for the different flavors of herbs. This passion is the fire that drives the creation of his delicious dishes. His sister, Elisa helps out in the office and takes care of menu design work and the morning mail – when her small daughter allows!

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