360-degree wellness over 250 square meters 360

The optimum balance

There is wisdom in rewarding and taking care of yourself. A spacious relaxation area and classic and Ayurvedic massages ensure all-round refreshment. Our wellness program is also open to external visitors and local people.


A feeling of lightness

Close your eyes, cocoon your body and send your soul on a journey to the land of perpetual joy. In a nutshell, this is what we aim to help you experience in our wellness complex.


The skin has eyes too, did you know?

Whether you choose a classic massage, foot reflexology or an Ayurvedic program: with our masseurs you are in the best hands. Experience the power of their gentle hands and intuitive movements that help you feel at ease.

Do you feel the need for some romantic wellness for the soul and an amazing surprise?

Shh! Don’t read out loud now, otherwise you’ll give the game away!

We’ll bring chocolate fondue, flowers, pralines or a sparkling bottle of prosecco to your room - enough to melt your darling’s heart!