Experience blossoming mountain meadows and high white peaks

Have you ever been to the Dolomites on holiday before? Do you know how beautiful the nature is here? If so, we need not say any more. For all those who have not visited yet, we have something important to tell you – there is scarcely another place as beautiful as this. Bright green meadows and dark green forests surround the Pragser Wildsee lake beneath wild and towering Dolomite summits in different shades of grey.


More than hot temperatures

Many mountaineers and groups from various alpine clubs have already stayed at the Edel.Weiss. We don’t need to explain why. They all enjoy the breathtaking 360º panorama of the Dolomites. With such pearls before your eyes, you can hardly take the time to blink! The Dolomites are as rare in the world as the edelweiss in the mountain pastures, which is why they are considered so precious and are so well protected.

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