Smart and scrumptious

We consider ourselves very lucky to live in South Tyrol. It is a land rich in traditions and fertile soil too. The animals spend the summer on the alpine pastures and graze on the lush grass of the meadows beneath the Dolomite peaks. We work closely with the local butcher and bakers. We also promote innovative companies and projects that know how to implement the principles of sustainable agriculture at its best.


The icing on the cake

We love our traditions, but at the same time are not afraid to embrace the zeitgeist. Our team in the kitchen is passionate about preparing typical, traditional specialties but also about creating new dishes for our set meals and à la carte menu. And because we love it so much, we put our heart and soul into producing our very best for you every day.


Niederbrunner Butcher’s

Now run by the second generation, this family business was established in 1960 and right from the very start the boss himself has visited the farmers in the valley to select the animals that are ready for slaughter. The livestock is brought to the butcher’s own slaughterhouse, meaning that the food miles are kept very short. Combined with livestock farming in harmony with nature, the result is excellent quality meat!



The ciacotta, ricotta and caprino cheese produced by Günther Volgger, who lives in Sand in Taufers, is made from 100% goat’s milk, just like his sugar-free yoghurt and whey drinks. He even produces chocolate pudding and Panna Cotta from goat’s milk too. Günther doesn’t just “keep” his animals, he treats them with love and respect, something that is reflected in their produce. Because we share the same mentality, the delicious “Goasroscht” products are available to our guests for testing and tasting on selected evenings. You will be impressed by what can be done when the philosophy of low food miles is taken seriously.


Sage and sweet

Their methods are tried and tested, their beards white and their honey golden. Franz and Anton still work with the old ways, and their honey is 100% handmade. They value the work of the bees, who fly enormous distances of around 120,000 km so that they can harvest 500 grams of honey and integrate the wisdom of their ancestors in their working practices. As the magnificent golden color suggests, honey is king in terms of sweetness.


Alpe Pragas

The fine jams and spreads from Alpe Pragas tie for first place with the honey. They are unadulterated and in some cases organic, and without exception free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavors and are sold in plastic-free packaging. Because nothing tastes fruitier or contains more berries, these tasty concoctions made of a wide variety of fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and apricots, are a fixture on our breakfast tables.


“Stachabroat” and the Amhof bakery

“Stachabroat” bread takes its name from the farm where it is made, the Stacherhof, by Angelika, who bakes every single day! With her help, we always have fresh bread in our little basket. It tastes so good and is loved by all. But that is the reason why we never have enough of it! As a farmer, Angelika has a lot to keep her busy, so we decided to source more bread from the family of master bakers, the Amhofs, who live in Gsies valley. All of the ingredients are obtained from close by. They produce sourdough themselves, without any chemical additives. Once a week the young farmer, Alexander, visits our hotel from the Stacherhof and brings all kinds of bread for tasting by our guests.

“Sustainable farming goes hand in hand with gentle tourism”

Wise words from Robert Zampieri,

Manager of the Year

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