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If the weather isn’t so great or you just don’t feel like another adventure in nature for once, then why not take a break! Our spa complex has countless ways to help boost your lust for life. Make the most of the healing knowledge that we have gathered together for you from South Tyrol and other parts of the world too!

Day spa for external and local guests

15:00–19:00 | € 20,00

including wellness package

15:00 - 19:00 || € 60,00

including dinner and wellness package


The Roman steam bath

Even in Ancient Rome, people knew of the benefits of the spa. The steam bath, known as the Caldarium in Latin, was very popular and useful for preventing a number of diseases, as well as just for relaxing. The Caldarium is a specially-designed room with a temperature of 40-50 degrees and humidity of almost 100%. It is the little sister to the much hotter and dryer classical sauna and is also used in preparation for it. The steam bath can be used for a longer time and more frequently than the Finnish sauna and is also suitable for people with poor circulation and some cardiac diseases. Having a massage after a steam bath is very effective, because it opens up the pores, making the skin – and the muscles – very receptive.


The hay bath

Hay contains the warmth of the summer sun. The range of precious essential oils in the hay is beneficial for many parts of the body. Slowly and gently it releases its powers and warms the body. It encourages perspiration, whilst invigorating and stimulating the body. Through the dry stems’ gentle pricking of the skin, the hay helps to stimulate the blood supply and fully loosen the muscles. In the hay bath you will discover the aromas of our valley and land in days gone by! People with pollen allergies are able to bathe in hay too, because the dry grass is submerged in water before it is used, thus binding the pollen. And don’t forget: the higher the altitude of the meadow that the hay comes from, the more essential oils it contains. This is a big plus for us, because Prags is located at 1,200 m above sea level!


The power of water

Sebastian Kneipp lived 200 years ago in Bavaria. As a young priest, he healed himself by going for swims in the freezing cold Danube every winter night. Today, his therapy is well known all over the world and enjoys great success. His wisdom inspired us to put his treatments into practice in our own wellness complex. The cold water causes a narrowing of the veins and optimizes the flow of blood throughout the body. You might need a little encouragement to jump into the pool, but afterwards you will feel reborn and as fresh as the air here in the mountains!

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